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#1 Reason Why Your Child Won’t Make It To The Olympics

Last week a mommy friend was bragging, in a subtle way, about the fact that her daughter was just promoted to a gymnastics team. As a member of this team, her 7 year-old daughter had practice three times a week for three hours each practice. I listened and only hoped my expression didn’t reflect what…

The Fine Line of Farts & Giggles

The good people over at AsapScience have finally dispelled an age-old question: Can You Outrun a Fart? This is life changing information, for myriad reasons. But it raises a related issue for me as a mom. How and when do you get kids to understand the fine line between farts being funny and farts being…

Having a Baby? Be Prepared to be Scared of Everything

My mother is, well, superwoman. She managed to have a successful career, marriage, AND raise three children so my “can I really have it all?” issues are even more personally compounded. That said, with different circumstances and in a different time, she was the exception, not the norm. meditatingmommomfearsparentingworriedmom