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“Raising A Rukus” is Fun & Unique For Entire Fam-Bam

“Raising A Rukus” is a first-of-its-kind series in virtual reality (VR) and it’s awesome! The 12-minute computer-animated film is packed with beautiful, colorful imagery and heart-warming adventure into different worlds. It felt like I was in a vibrantly colored piece of art. Even more, it was good, quick, clean, family fun. parentingproudwiferaisingaruckusthingstodowithkidsvirtual reality

The Day Everything Changed

This morning was brutal. Like other parents, we had to tell our children that Trump would become our next president. They were confused and had a lot of questions, even at their tender ages, and it was hard to put on an “everything is okay” face.

Did You Feel That Mega-Earthquake?

Today I bit my nails off. I don’t really bite my nails unless something is really bothering me. It’s one of those psychosomatic things. I know I feel heavy, am having trouble concentrating and like many, my heart really hurts. I’m just not as happy, have no pep in my step and I feel like…