Driving Around To Get Baby To Sleep? This Could Change Your Life!

I vividly remember my kids needing late-night car rides to help them sleep as babies. Fortunately, my husband was a trooper. Andre, barely awake, would throw on sweats and a hoodie, wrap up the baby, grab his keys and head out for the night.

The hum and vibration of the car always did the job, night after night. But inevitably, my husband would return home with a baby that was wide awake. You see, our babies would sleep in the car, as long as it was on and moving. They would awaken, however, the minute you removed them from the car. By awake, I mean wide, let’s play or have a bottle and shoot the breeze awake. The walk between the car and the crib always proved a delicate challenge that we would fail despite nightly attempts to figure out the trick to keeping them asleep. We would try to walk just the right way or prop open all doors in advance so as not to have to slow down to get inside. I even tried playing low traffic sounds on my iPhone, while transporting from car to crib, to mimic the soothing noise that might have encouraged sleep. Whatever we tried, it rarely worked and we started the process all over once inside.

Something is Brewing

There really isn’t anything better than girlfriends, old and new! Thanks to two friends, Valerie Mekki (see her wonderful YouTube DIY videos) and Angela So, exciting things are in the works for this blog!

We’re totally re-branding Four Million And One and turning it into Listen Little Girl with a concept that is nearer and dearer to my heart. All the experts tell you to blog about what you know and love, and root it in reality and transparency–well, this is just that. But I’ll tell you more about Listen Little Girl in another post when we officially launch. In the meantime, please bare with me through the re-construction of the site. And, be sure to “Follow” my blog (from the homepage on this site you can sign up to receive emails whenever I post which really helps me grow this endeavor, hint hint).

Listen Little Girl Shoot
Credit: Angela So Photography

Most important, however, I wanted to make sure I told Valerie and Angela thank you. Money just can’t buy this type of genuine care and energy. I truly appreciate and value all of the time and support. You are both so smart, fierce, and on the ball. Best of all, you’re fun! I’m. So. Excited. Ladies, thank you!

How to Win the Fight For Women’s Rights

For almost 110 years, society has celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) and thanks to the organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, it’s a day more people now know. The movement that the march organizers launched today is something I have wondered about for a long time – a day when every woman, around the world, goes on strike (or in theory at least) to advocate for all things pro-women and human being.

Confessions of a Cyberbullied Mom

Last month I was cyberbullied. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Me? Cyberbullied? At 43? And by a stranger no less!

img_1861This person, who I will call @BigBigBully (for the purposes of this post) and who again, does not know me at all, took great offense to a picture I posted and it triggered an online bout of rage. They misinterpreted a caption to an Instagram (IG) image and the result was a slew of name calling, cursing, and threats.